What ID do I need to vote?


While you don't need identification to vote, you will asked for identification with your name and civic address when you register. When you do go to vote even if you have your Voter Information Card, it is always a good idea to bring proper and current identification to the polling station in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Acceptable Identification:

  1. ONE piece of photo provincial government identification:

    • Nova Scotia Driver’s License

    • Nova Scotia Identification Card

    • Certificate of Indian Status Card

  2. TWO documents that contain the elector’s name and at least one containing their current civic address:

    • Voter Information Card

    • University/College/School

      1. Student Card

      2. Admissions letter

      3. Statement of tuition fees

    • Health card

    • Canadian passport

    • Canadian citizenship card

    • Birth certificate

    • Social insurance card

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Credit Card

    • Statement of account (telephone, power bill, credit card)

  3. If you don't have identification, you may swear an oath and sign a declaration that states your name and address.

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